The sacraments are rituals that teach, strengthen and express faith. 它们与生活的各个领域和阶段有关, and Catholics believe that the love and gifts of God are given through seven sacraments. 百老汇平台网址 students study religion taught in complete faithfulness to the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church has seven holy sacraments that are seen as mystical channels of divine grace, 由基督设立的. 每个都有一个可见的仪式来庆祝, 它反映了看不见的东西, 圣餐的精神本质. 而有些圣礼只接受一次, others require active and ongoing participation to foster the “living faith” of the celebrant.

被看作是接纳信仰的圣礼吗, 把成圣的恩典带给受洗的人. In Catholicism the baptism of infants is the most common form, but un施洗d children or adults who wish to join the faith must also receive the sacrament. 一个人一生只受洗一次, and the Catholic Church recognizes baptisms done by most other Christian denominations as valid. In the rite of baptism holy water is usually sprinkled or poured on the head by a priest who simultaneously invokes the Trinity with the words, 我奉父的名给你施洗, 还有圣子, 又受圣灵的感动.“据说旧的自己会死在水里, 一个新的自我出现了, 反映了基督的死亡和复活. Given that the sacrament is understood as a requirement for salvation, 任何人, 即使是未受洗的人, 可以根据情况给人施洗吗.

圣餐, 或圣餐, is another sacrament of initiation and can be received daily if desired. 这是天主教礼拜的中心仪式. A 施洗d child’s First Communion is usually celebrated around age seven or eight and is preceded by their first confession (the sacrament of 和解). 在弥撒中,牧师奉献面包和酒, 圣餐的元素, 已经变成基督的身体和血了吗. As a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and in a reflection of his Last Supper with his disciples, 然后,会众分享圣餐. 特别非专业牧师(一.e., non-牧师) are trained to bring the consecrated elements to the ill or otherwise homebound so that all Catholics can participate.

确认 is the third sacrament of initiation and serves to “确认” a 施洗d person in their faith. The rite of 确认ation can occur as early as age 7 for children who were 施洗d as infants but is commonly received around age 13; it is performed immediately after baptism for adult converts. 通常由主教或牧师主持, which includes the laying on of hands in prayer and blessing and the anointing of the forehead with chrism (holy oil) with the words, "受圣灵恩赐的印记.这样“印证”了那人是教会的一员, the outward rite of 确认ation signifies the inner presence of the Holy Spirit, who is believed to provide the strength to live out a life of faith. At 确认ation a Catholic may symbolically take the name of a saint to be his or her patron.

也被称为忏悔或忏悔, the sacrament of 和解 is seen as an opportunity for renewal and can be done as often as needed. Some Catholics participate weekly before receiving the 圣餐, whereas others may seek the sacrament only during the penitential seasons of Lent or Advent. 和解 is a means of obtaining pardon from God for sins for which the sinner is truly remorseful, and brings the sinner back into communion with God and the Church. The sacrament is an opportunity for self-reflection and requires that the person take full responsibility for his or her sins, 思想上的和行动上的. 在仪式期间, 罪过私下向牧师讲述, 谁被视为帮助治疗过程的治疗者, 牧师通常会安排忏悔的行为, 比如具体的祈祷或赔偿行为, 在接下来的几天内完成. A prayer of contrition is offered at the end of the confession, and the newly absolved Catholic is urged to refrain from repeating those sins.

病人的膏油, 以前被称为极限涂油, is a sacrament that is administered to give strength and comfort to the ill and to mystically unite their suffering with that of Christ during his Passion and death. This sacrament can be given to those who are afflicted with serious illness or injury, 那些正在等待手术的人, 身体虚弱的老人, or to ill children who are old enough to understand its significance. A person can receive the sacrament as many times as needed throughout their life, and a person with a chronic illness might be anointed again if the disease worsens. 该仪式可以在家中或医院由牧师进行, who prays over the person and anoints their head and hands with chrism (holy oil). The priest may also administer the sacrament of the 圣餐 if the person has been unable to receive it and can hear a confession if so desired. 如果一个人濒临死亡, the priest also administers a special Apostolic blessing in what is known as the Last Rites.

In Catholicism marriage is a sacrament that a 施洗d man and a 施洗d woman administer to each other through their marriage vows and lifelong partnership. Given that to a Catholic sacramental marriage reflects the union of Christ with the church as his mystical body, 婚姻被理解为牢不可破的结合. 这种仪式通常在弥撒中举行, with a priest serving as the minister of the mass and as a witness to the mutual consent of the couple. The marriage union is used to sanctify both the husband and wife by drawing them into a deeper understanding of God’s love and is intended to be fruitful, with any children to be raised within the teachings of the church.

任命, 或圣职, is a sacrament that is available only to men who are being ordained as deacons, 牧师, 或主教. 就像洗礼和坚振一样, the sacrament is said to convey a special indelible “character” on the soul of the recipient. 在仪式期间, 通常发生在一个特殊的周日弥撒中, a prayer and blessing is offered as a bishop lays his hands on the head of the man being ordained. 就牧师和主教的任命而言, this act confers the sacramental power to ordain (f或主教), 施洗, 确认, 见证婚姻, 赦免的罪, 并祝圣圣餐. 执事可以施洗, 见证婚姻, 传, 并在弥撒中提供帮助, 但他们不能圣化圣餐,也不能听忏悔. 已婚执事除外, 第二次梵蒂冈大公会议恢复的秩序, 所有被任命为牧师的人都必须独身.